How do I connect my Epson ET-2803 printer to New Wi-Fi?

  • First, bring the wireless router near the printer setup for the best wireless setup process.
  • Make use of the printer Wi-Fi network for the other printer-related devices.
  • Utilize the Official page ( or give Manual support for establishing needs on proper wireless setup using the desired network source.
  • Try to use the Stable and Protected network setup to avoid network-related problems.
  • Now, connect the Epson ET-2803 printer through the control panel home button and pick the Setup option on it.
  • Further, use the Network settings option to acquire the Wi-Fi setup option.
epson wireless setup wizard
  • If selected for Ethernet, disable/disconnect the Wi-Fi connection and utilize the Epson printer Guide to fix a different setup.
  • Search for the desired network name from the list on display. If not detected, enter it manually with the required keywords.
  • To specify the network password manually, scroll down to the page and choose the Other Network option.
  • Utilize your system keyboard and enter the correct name and password with a display reference.
epson et 2800 driver
  • Connect to the Finish button after entering the password.
  • On the next step, confirm the Network settings and tap Proceed option.
  • If any alterations are required on the network settings, use the Back option. The display will shift back to the previews window/page.
  • The desired Epson printer is now actively connected to the new Wi-Fi network.
  •  Make the trial print work to ensure the Wi-Fi setup on the printer setup.

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