Epson ET-8550 Troubleshooting

The troubleshooting page is the user’s supportive page, where you can get the instant solution for printer-related problems. Connect using the Epson Official page and obtain the troubleshoot page support and service using the expert online. Identify the error using the Epson printer control panel error light.

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Epson ET 8550 Won’t connect to Wi-Fi

  • Be alert while entering the WEP key or WPA Passphrase, if entered wrong it will result in this type of error.
  • Start the connection using the Epson ECO TANK PHOTO ET-8550 Printer to the active internet connection.
  • Look for the steady light on the printer Wi-Fi button, in order to avoid fluctuations.
  • Permit the Software for network printing. Try to uninstall the software if it seems outdated.
  • Try to download the new-updated driver by tapping the install option and further, start the Epson printer setup utility.
  • Start the power-cycle procedure and then restart. In the meantime, disconnect the Wi-Fi connection and enable it later.
  • The problem remains same, reinstall the Epson EcoTank ET-8550 Driver.

Why Epson ET 8550 shows offline and how to solve?

  • Before checking the other required settings after spotting the error. Try to check the connection intact between the printer and system.
  • Use the printer to the default option, if you see the printer unavailable. Now, Inspect the Epson ECO TANK PHOTO ET-8550 Printer for the online status.
  • Enter into the driver properties and uninstall it. Attempt to reinstall using the new version.
  • Start the reboot process on the whole printer setup using the manual guide. Create or open the Local administrator account using the system which is connected and click on the devices and printers option.
  • Next, try to right-click the Epson ECO TANK PHOTO ET-8550 Printer using the stated list of printer names. Likewise, choose the option- See what the Printing option is.
  • Finally, recognize the setup and follow the printer name>online mode.

Epson ET 8550 Won’t Print black

  • Tap the ink cartridge setting from the printer control panel settings. Pick the black-only option to find the black color printing.
  • Look for the Driver tab and select the required driver file.
  • Inspect the ink and Main input tray needs before processing the printing access.
  • Slowly, take the print head and look for any clogs.
  • Obtain the quality EPSON ink cartridges that consist of a white label on the top sticker.
  • Make sure the paper carriage area is free from visible obstructions. Collect the visible papers inside the tray.

Epson ET 8550 not Printing Color

  1. Cross-check with the printer properties, whether the EcoTank Photo ET-8550 Printer is readily featured with the color-print feature.
  2. See the printer paper size requirement and provide the same paper size for printing work.
  3. Open the ink cartridge settings and disable the Black/Grayscale or Grayscale settings before printing work
  4. Inspect the nozzle head and try to see any clogs on the print head.
  5. Ensure whether the printer access doors are closed properly.
  6. Change the printer settings & ink cartridges by tapping on the reset option.

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Epson ET 8550 Printing and Copying Problem

  • Utilize the home button settings and pick the copy option by pressing the Up-arrow. Then, tap on the ok option.
  • Start using the copy settings using the settings menu to change the necessities. Finally, alter the document to be printed or copied document layout.
  • Select the borderless or border layout that matches the document fit.
  • Prefer the paper size to the specification mentioned size.
  • Finally, look for the ink cartridges and Print head errors. Try to buy the Epson Premium ink cartridges for Print.

Epson ET 8550 Paper Feeding Problem

  • Clear out the connection and eradicate the jammed paper on the carriage area by holding the paper button.
  • Try to clear out all the paper inside the printer cover. Try to clean the torn papers.
  • Finish the Printer setup using premium quality paper sheets and ink tanks.
  • Hold the paper button to pause the printing job and stuff the required sheets by leveling the curved edges.
  • Restart and repeat the procedure if not accessible. Protection Status