Epson ET-3600

Epson ET-3600 printer is a multi-function printer with vast printing features and various modes to connect. Try to use the Epson Official page to know more about the printer function and other wireless capabilities. It has excellent printing features and an affordable ink cartridge package. Easy replacement of ink cartridge with duplex printing technology. It has a capacity of around 150 paper sheets with your convenient compatible device support.

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Epson ET-3600 First Time Printer Setup

First, you have to unpack the brand-new printer by placing it on a smooth surface.

  • Select the port that can be easily accessible with a steady power supply & wireless connection.
  • Eradicate all the protective seals and start the power cord connections using Epson Manual.
  • One end of the cord should be connected to the rear side of the Epson printer and the other to a direct power supply. Turn it ON.
  • Insert the required ink cartridges inward to the slots given.
  • Take the premium quality paper and place the sheets in the paper tray.
  • Finally, you have completed the Epson XP 3600 first-time setup by downloading the latest EPSON ET-3600 driver.
Epson Printer setup

Epson ET-3600 Driver Download

Driver setup can reflect the printer function, in that way- you have to download & install the latest Epson ET-3600 printer concerning the compatible system device. Confirm to select the new or latest version of the OS. Proceed with the below steps to complete the driver setup on both Windows & Mac system devices.

Epson ET-3600 driver- Windows

  • Start the Windows device to the Epson ET-3600 printer using an interface connection.
  • Confirm whether there is an active wireless connection.
  • Access the web browser and search for the Epson website –
  • Select your desired product and key in details like printer name – Epson ET-3600 and the operating system – Windows OS.
  • Then, you have to proceed with the Epson ET-3600 software download by tapping on the right driver.
  • Find the file in the download bar and Run the file to start the installation.
  • Carry out the given instructions and finish the ET-3600 driver installation.
  • Finally, you have to select the wireless network>OK and complete the process.

Epson ET-3600 Driver-Mac

  • Switch ON the Mac device with the interface connection with the Epson ET-3600 printer.
  • Activate the stable wireless connectivity to proceed next.
  • Connect through the Mac device and access using the Epson support page via the secured internet browser.
  • Start the download process by specifying the printer keys like – Epson ET-3600 and the operating system, Mac OS.
  • Pick the desired ET-3600 driver and download it. Run the file.
  • Don’t skip any steps during the process of Epson ET-3600 software installation.
  • Carry out the given guidelines as prompted and proceed with the printer to the wireless network connection.
  • Enter the credentials and the printer is now connected to a network and the installation of the Epson ET-3600 driver is complete.

Epson ET-3600 Wireless Setup

Connect Epson ET 3600 Printer to Wi-Fi

  • Switch ON the desired Epson ET-3600 printer and ensure whether the wireless connection is active and stable.
  • Confirm with the required credentials to proceed next.
  • Then, access using the printer’s control panel to choose the desired wireless network.
  • Select the Home button followed by the Wi-Fi icon.
  • Then, you will be redirected to the Wireless Setup Wizard. Track the guidelines stated.
  • Make use of the available networks to select the right one.
  • Carefully, mention the Wi-Fi credentials and proceed next on the screen.
  • If yet the printer shows any Offline or is unable to connect- Use the Epson ET-3600 Troubleshooting page.

Connect Epson ET 3600 Printer to Router

  • Using this, you can escape from specifying the network credentials.
  • Turn ON the printer and check whether it is under active and stable Wi-Fi connection.
  • Get nearby the printer and locate, locate the WPS button, and proceed user.
  • If at all you managed to locate the buttons, press and hold them for a few seconds.
  • You can now, notice the flickering of lights on your router which shows the progress of configurations.
  • Confirm whether both WPS buttons i.e., on (printer and router) are pressed simultaneously.
  • Wait until the printer connects to the user’s Wi-Fi for a few seconds. Then, you have done your Epson ET-3600 printer wireless.

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Epson ET 3600 Connect Printer setup Utility

After accomplishing the wireless setup, you need to ensure stable network support to begin the Epson ET-3600 driver software to download or you have an option to download the individual utility using the Epson Official page concerning your printer keys. To download the Epson ET-3600 printer utility, use the below steps:

Epson ET 3600 Scan Utility

  • Interface and turn ON the printer & System. Use the browser on the system to open the link download the Scan Utility.
  • Then, you have to specify the essential printer details – Epson ET-3600 and the operating system.
  • Use the resultant screen to select the Scan Utility driver that assists with scanning.
  • Download the file and extract it to start the installation process.
  • Run the software file and finish the installation of the utility driver.
  • The Epson ET-3600 printer is actively easy to execute flawless scanning work.

Epson ET 3600 Fax Utility

  • Confirm whether the Epson ET-3600 printer and the device are connected to the same network.
  • Proceed with the required device key in to download the Fax Utility.
  • Run and install the Printer Fax Utility Software.
  • Carry on the given instructions and complete the installation.
  • Operate using the installed driver and choose the utility tab and choose Fax.
  • Finally, you can proceed with Fax work.

Epson Event Manager Software ET 3600

Epson Event Manager Software makes your scanning job quicker & smarter. It should be downloaded on the device. Hit the item button that lets you assign a task to it to avoid any recurrent setups. Make use of the steps to connect the scan process using your system.

epson printer support

How do I install Epson Event Manager Software ET 3600

  • Access using the windows browser to surf the Epson Support page to download the Epson Event Manager Software ET 3600.
  • Try to install your device and try to get restarted it.
  • Hit the programs option > device>Event Manager.
  • Use the pop-up message and select the Epson Scan and then close it.
  • Utilize the control panel and choose Devices and Printer, here- you have to click properties and choose the Events tab.
  • Finally, you have to select the Scan to choose an event and apply it.

Take the first scan using this feature of the Epson Event Manager Software.

Epson ET 3600 Scanner Setup Protection Status