Epson ET-5170

Get premium-quality fax, copy, scan, and print with Epson ET 5170 printer. The Eco Tank printer has a print resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi. It delivers prints with a size of a maximum of 8.5 x 14’’. The ET 5710 printer comes with ink that can print 12000 color prints and 15000 black prints. Moreover, it has a print speed of 9.5 ppm for color and 17 ppm for black documents.

The Epson ET 5170 printer has an automatic document feeder with the ability to manage 35 sheets. It has borderless and auto two-sided printing features.

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Epson ET-5170 First Time Printer Setup

The standard steps for Epson ET-5170 first time printer setup are:

  • Firstly, unpack the Epson ET 5170 printer.
  • Take the ET 5170 printer and place it on a smooth surface.
  • Remove all the covering materials from the Epson ET 5170 printer.
  • Check and confirm that the printer has no packing materials.
  • Access the Epson printer paper tray and open it.
  • Fill the Eco Tank printer paper tray with a compatible set of papers.
  • Close the paper tray and open the ET 5170 printer ink cartridge slots.
  • Take the new ink cartridges and remove the yellow tapes from them.
  • Load the new ink cartridges into the ET 5170 ink cartridge slots.
  • Close the ink cartridge slots and get a new USB cord.
  • Tear off the covering materials from the USB cord.
  • Connect the USB cord to the ET printer and wall port.
  • Activate the wall outlet and Epson Eco Tank 5170 printer.
  • Download and install Epson ET-5170 driver on the computer.
  • During driver setup, select a method to connect the computer and ET printer.
  • Lastly, print a sample page to ensure Epson ET-5170 printer setup.
Epson Printer setup

Epson ET-5710 Driver Download

Epson ET-5170 driver download and installation is simple and easy to do. For this, you have to follow a specific set of instructions. The standard set of instructions for driver download and installation on the device are:

Epson ET-5170 driver- Windows

The simple procedure for Epson ET 5170 driver installation on the Windows device is:

  • Activate the Windows computer and confirm to have safe Wi-Fi.
  • Download Epson EcoTank ET 5170 driver setup file on the Windows device.
  • Open the ET driver setup file and proceed with the wizard procedure.
  • Select a mode to connect the Windows device and Epson ET 5170 printer.
  • Carry on with the wizard steps and complete Epson ET-5170 driver setup.
  • Finally, take a print of the page as a sample.

Epson ET-5170 Driver Installation for Mac

The basic instructions for Epson ET-5170 driver installation on the Mac computer are:

  • ON the Mac computer and ensure to have a secure wireless network.
  • Save Epson ET 5170 driver installation file on the Mac computer.
  • Run the ET printer driver installation file and carry on as per the wizard steps.
  • Choose a method to connect the Mac computer and Epson ET 5170 printer.
  • Move on with the on-screen steps and finish Epson ET 5170 driver installation.
  • Lastly, take a sample print.

Epson ET-5170 Wireless Setup

Here is the standard procedure for Epson ET 5170 wireless setup.

Connect Epson ET-5170 Printer to Wi-Fi

The simple steps to connect the Epson ET 5170 printer to the Wi-Fi network are:

  • Power up the desired computer and Epson ET 5170 printer.
  • Check the ET printer and ensure it has no fault.
  • Now, check the computer and make sure it is faultless.
  • After that, ensure that the Wi-Fi connection in the computer is stable.
  • Access the Eco Tank printer and choose the option- home.
  • Then, go for the wireless setup option and proceed with the on-screen procedure.
  • Tap- wireless setup wizard and multiple Wi-Fi networks will be on the printer.
  • Choose the device Wi-Fi and continue with the instructions given on the screen.
  • When the wizard asks, enter the security code of the Wi-Fi network.
  • Complete Epson ET 5170 wireless setup.

Connect Epson ET-5170 Printer to Router

The standard steps for making a connection between the ET 5170 printer and router are:

  • ON the wireless router and Epson ET 5170 printer.
  • Check the wireless router and make sure it has an active network connection.
  • Move on to the printer wireless button and press & hold it.
  • Press the router WPS button within 2 minutes and hold on until the light flashes.
  • The router light indicates that the printer and router are wirelessly connected.
  • Now, access the document that you want to print.
  • Click the File button and choose the option- Print.
  • Adjust the Print settings in the wizard as per your requirements.
  • Now, select the displayed button – Print or need any support Epson et-5170 troubleshooting, call us.
  • Finally, get the print to ensure Epson ET 5170 wireless setup.

Get in touch with the Customer Support team to assist in the complete setup of the EPSON printer.

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Epson ET-5170 Connect Printer setup Utility

The Epson Eco Tank 5170 printer is compatible with wireless and wired connectivity. Thus, you can connect the ET printer and computer via a wireless network or USB cord easily and quickly. You can choose the connectivity mode based on your requirements.

Epson ET-5710 Scan Utility

The Epson Eco Tank 5170 printer is one of the great choices for scanning purposes. With this printer, you can scan documents or images as per your preferences. The Epson ET 5170 scan utility is essential for using the advanced Epson ET 5170 printer features. Moreover, the Epson Eco Tank printer scan utility is a link between the printer and its applications. With this, you will be able to scan color, black & white, and greyscale images.

Epson ET-5170 Fax Utility

The Epson ET 5170 fax utility software is a freeware fax sender. It is normally made for the Windows device and it is essential for faxing process with ET 5170 printer. With the fax utility software, you can send multiple types of documents. The documents include texts, tables, and drawings. Along with this, the Epson ET 5170 fax utility makes the entire scanning process easy and quick.

Epson Event Manager Software ET-5170

For efficient functioning of the Epson ET 5170 printer, Epson Event Manager Software is essential. With this software, you can make use of all the Epson printer features. The Event Manager Software gives support to the scanning process of the ET 5170 printer. It consists of processes such as Scan as PDF, Scan to Email, Scan to PC, and much more. The software works depending on the command that triggers the scanner functions of the ET printer. Moreover, it functions mainly in the background.

Epson Printer Support

How do I install Epson Event Manager Software ET-5170

The simple instructions for installing the Epson ET 5170 Event Manager Software on the computer are:

  • Initially, power up the Mac or Windows computer.
  • Check the computer and make sure that the wireless network connection is perfect.
  • Get the installation file of Epson Event Manager Software on the device.
  • Access the folder where the software installation file is and double-click on the installation file.
  • The installation process begins on the computer; move on with the wizard steps.
  • Finish the installation process and switch off the computer.
  • After a few minutes, switch ON the computer so that the printer features start functioning.

Epson ET-5170 Scanner Setup Protection Status