Epson ET 8700 Driver

Enjoy high-quality print, copy, scan, and fax with Epson ET 8700 printer. The printer has a maximum resolution of 4800 x 1200 dpi for printing. Its print speed is 24 ppm for single-sided printing and has three input paper trays.

• The main tray with the ability to manage 250 sheets.
• A rear tray with the efficiency to manage 80 sheets.
• A 50-sheet legal-size automatic document feeder for easy duplex copying and scanning.

Moreover, the printer makes use of the in-built refillable ink tanks rather than disposable ink cartridges. To use this Epson printer at its best, set up the printer properly. For proper printer setup, follow the procedure explained here. Along with the Epson printer setup method, get the method for driver setup, network setup, and other essential software setups.

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Epson ET 8700 First Time Printer Setup

The basic set of instructions for Epson ET 8700 first-time printer setup are:

  • Open the Epson ET 8700 printer package properly.
  • Keep the printer properly near a stable wall outlet.
  • Remove the coverings from the outside and inside sections of the printer.
  • Check and make sure the printer has no problem.
  • Remove the coverings from the power cord and ensure it is faultless.
  • Connect the Epson printer and wall outlet with the power cord.
  • Activate the wall outlet and Epson Eco Tank printer.
  • Access the paper tray of the ET printer and confirm it is stable.
  • Take a stack of compatible sheets and place them properly on the tray.
  • Close the paper tray and open the ET printer ink cartridge
  • Ensure the cartridges slots are faultless and get the new ink cartridges.
  • Tear off the coverings from the new cartridges and load them into the slots.
  • Close the cartridge slots and activate the Mac or Windows computer.
  • Download and run the Epson printer driver on the computer.
  • Follow the on-screen steps and finish the printer driver installation process.
  • Complete the Epson ET 8700 first-time printer setup process.

Finally, take a print of any document to confirm the proper setup.

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Epson ET 8700 Driver Download

Epson ET 8700 driver download and installation is an easy-to-do process. It is possible on Windows and Mac devices as the driver is available for both operating systems. The standard set of steps for Epson ET 8700 driver setup on both the operating systems are:

Epson ET 8700 Driver for Windows

Here is the procedure for Epson ET 8700 driver installation on the Windows OS:

  • Turn ON the Windows computer and confirm it is stable.
  • Find the Epson ET 8700 driver compatible with the computer OS version.
  • Save the driver installation file and double-click on it.
  • The driver installation process starts on the Windows computer.
  • Now, follow the driver installation instructions given on the screen.
  • Select the desired network setup method when the wizard asks.
  • Proceed with the on-screen procedure and complete the driver setup process.
  • Now, load the Epson printer paper tray with a suitable set of sheets.
  • Print a page as a test to confirm proper Epson ET 8700 driver installation.

Epson ET 8700 Driver for Mac

Here are the simple instructions for installing Epson ET 8700 driver on the Mac device:

  • Switch ON the Mac operating system and ensure it is perfect.
  • Then, check the device OS version and find the suitable Epson ET 8700 driver.
  • Download the driver setup file and click on it twice.
  • The ET 8700 driver setup process begins on the computer.
  • Now, carry on with the on-screen instructions.
  • Choose the preferred connectivity mode when the wizard asks.
  • Continue with the wizard steps and finish the driver setup process.
  • Then, place a set of suitable sheets into the printer paper tray.
  • Take a print as a test to ensure accurate Epson ET 8700 driver setup.

Epson ET 8700 Wireless Setup

Connecting the Epson ET 8700 printer to the wireless network is an easy process. For this, follow the standard set of procedures given below:

Connect Epson ET 8700 Printer to Wi-Fi Network

  • The standard set of procedures for connecting the Wi-Fi network and Epson ET 8700 printer is:
  • Activate the Epson ET 8700 printer.
  • Then, activate the desired Mac or Windows operating system.
  • Check and ensure the wireless network is perfect.
  • Then, place the Wi-Fi router and Eco Tank printer close to each other.
  • Access the printer control panel and select the Setup menu.
  • Choose the network setup option and tap- the wireless settings option.
  • Select the displayed network setup menu and go for the wireless settings menu.
  • Choose your desired device’s Wifi network and proceed.
  • When the wizard prompts, provide the security code of the network.
  • Continue and finish the Epson ET 8700 wireless setup process.
  • If yet the printer shows any Offline or is unable to connect- Use the Epson ET-8700 Troubleshooting page.

Connect Epson ET 8700 Printer to Router

  • The simple steps for making a connection between the router and Epson ET 8700 printer are:
  • Check and confirm the Epson Eco Tank printer is stable.
  • After that, check and ensure the wifi network on the computer is active.
  • Keep the Epson Eco Tank 8700 printer close to the wireless router.
  • Press the WPS button of the Eco Tank 8700 printer.
  • Hold on to the WPS button for a few seconds.
  • Next, press the wireless router WPS button within two seconds.
  • Do not leave the WPS button on the wifi router until the wireless light flashes.
  • Finally, check and confirm the ongoing setup process is over.

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Epson ET 8700 Connect Printer Setup Utility

The procedure for installing the Epson ET 8700 connect printer setup utility is:

  • To begin with, activate the Mac or Windows computer.
  • Make sure the computer is stable and has an active wifi network.
  • Now, download the setup file of the Epson ET 8700 connect printer setup utility.
  • Double-click on the downloaded utility setup files and follow the on-screen steps.
  • Complete the setup process and open the installed software.
  • After that, move on to the utility tab.
  • Choose the utility options based on your requirements.
  • Move on with the on-screen instructions and finish the ongoing process.

Epson ET 8700 Scan Utility

To set up the Epson ET 8700 scan utility on the computer, follow the below method:

  • Switch ON the computer and ensure it is wireless network is active.
  • Search and download the Epson ET 8700 scan utility installation
  • Run the scan utility installation file and follow the wizard steps.
  • Finish the Epson ET 8700 scan utility installation process.
  • Open the installed scan utility software and choose the Scan Utility option.

Epson ET 8700 Fax Utility

The simple procedure for setting up the Epson ET 8700 fax utility is:

  • Access the computer and confirm its wireless network is stable.
  • Find and download the Epson ET 8700 fax utility setup file.
  • Run the fax utility setup file on the computer.
  • Continue with the instructions displayed on the computer screen.
  • Finish the fax utility setup process and open the utility.
  • Choose the Fax Utility option.

Epson Event Manager Software ET 8700

The Epson Event Manager Software is important for using the Epson ET 8700 printer. It will enable you to use all the features of the Eco Tank printer. Additionally, the software is compatible with several Epson printer scanner features. The features include Scan as PDF, Scan to email, Scan to PC, and much more.

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How Do I Install Epson Event Manager Software ET 8700?

The simple procedure for Epson Event Manager Software setup on the computer is:

  • Power up the Mac/Windows computer and make sure it is perfect.
  • Then, check the wifi connection on the device and ensure it is stable.
  • Get the Epson ET 8700 Event Manager Software setup file on the device.
  • Open the setup file and move on with the on-screen procedure.
  • Finish the setup process and open Epson Event Manager Software.
  • Go to the section- Printers & Scanners and choose the Start option.
  • Access the Programs section and choose the preferred Epson software.
  • Then, click- Epson Manager and right-click on your printer name.
  • Choose- Event with the Scan option and click on the installed software.
  • Proceed and finish the setup process.

Epson ET 8700 Scanner Setup Protection Status