Why is My Epson Printer Not Working with MAC? How to Fix?

Various reasons support why the Epson printer is not working with a Mac. We have devised a few simple steps that assist in fixing the Epson printer issue. Complete these steps, and the process of rectifying the Epson printer error will be removed.

Complete the below checks to ensure the printer works effectively and remove all the printer issues. 

  1. Initiate the process by restarting the Epson printer.
  2. While the Epson printer is powered up, remove the power cord from the printer’s rear and then disconnect it from the power supply.
  3. Allow the printer to remain idle and connect the printer back again to the power supply.
  4. Turn it back on and check if the printer error has been removed.
  5. Next, check if the wireless connection is active. Check the speed and the compatibility of the Epson printer with the driver.
  6. Complete a quick check of the Epson printer driver. The Epson printer may not function effectively if the driver needs to be updated.
  7. The same has to be applied with the Mac device. The software has to be updated if there is an update available.
  8. Ensure the printer and the device are updated, and the printer issue no longer prevails.
  9. If it does, the printer will have to reboot completely, and the drivers should be reinstalled.

Reinstall the Epson Printer Driver

The following steps will assist in removing the Epson printer issue and allow it to connect and function effectively.

  1. Click the Apple icon on the device and choose System Preference.
  2. Then choose the Epson printer based on the model name and right-click.
  3. Choose Remove printer from the list.
  4. Apply the changes and visit the Epson website to download the driver again.
  5. Enter the details of the printer to gain access to the printer driver.
  6. Download the all-in-one driver and complete the installation by following the on-screen instructions.

Contact us for more assistance if the Epson printer setup utility for Mac device continues to face issues.

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