Epson WF-110

Epson WF-110 printer is a lightweight and highly portable inkjet printer that provides a convenient platform for professional usage. It has integrated wireless features like Wi-Fi Direct, Epson connects, and more with battery support. Use the user-friendly option on the printer control panel and LCD-display. For expert professional print work, connect through the basic driver installation and carry out the long-lasting prints.

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Epson WF-110 First time printer setup

  • Receive the New Epson printer shipping box and start the unpacking work.
  • Use the net material to tear  shipping ribbons and lift the printer;
  • Take out all the inner components of the printer and unwrap all the sealed tapes & covers carefully.
  • Verify the printer checklist products.
  • Once the Printer-products are completely unpacked. Start the setup procedures.
  • Place the printer to its allotted table or smooth surface and nearby the socket connection.
  • Load the efficient paper sheets into the input tray and adjust the gauge to fix them completely.
  • Ensure with the ink cartridge/tanks colors and click to the given space.
  • Make use of the USB and Ethernet cables to complete the printer setup and network connection.
  • Verify the printer setup using the given Epson WF-110 manual from the box.
Epson Printer setup

Epson WF-110 driver

Driver installation is the part of the driver setup for the printer to access its specifications using the user’s preferred compatible devices. Make use of the Official Epson page support to obtain the list of a driver with compatibility. Use the given steps to finish the driver setup in Windows and Mac systems in less time.

Epson WF-110 driver-Windows

  • Once the printer is arranged using the specific Manual support, get the Windows connection done.
  • Use the USB cables or Wireless to establish the interface connection between the printer and windows.
  • Before starting the driver setup, connect the printer and its devices to stable network access.
  • Try to share the printer network with all the printer-related devices.
  • Then, use the Official page and download the Epson Connect Printer Setup Utility Software on the active Windows. Verify and accept the End-User License Agreement.
  • Use the guidelines and finish the Epson driver setup installation.
  • Further, choose the Printer product and tap the next option. Complete the Printer registration using the upcoming page settings.
  • Tap to the pop-up notification concerning the Register a printer to Epson Connect.

Epson WF-110 Driver-Mac

  • Use the Mac system support settings and complete the printer setup procedures.
  •  During the driver setup process, if the installer requests for the Apple security Password & User ID, type them properly.
  • Make use of the Official Epson page and download the latest Epson WF-110 driver software or utility software for Mac.
  • You can also get instant support using the Apple software updater to download the printer driver. Proceed using the Apple menu> system preferences option.
  • On the upcoming page, use the Printers and Scanners option and tap the plus button to add the Printer to the driver software.
  • Initialize the printer setup and finish the driver installation process using the on-screen prompts.
  • After installing the Epson WF110 driver, connect through wireless setup and tap the print icon.
  • Enjoy vibrant prints.

Epson WF-110 Wireless Setup

Connect Epson WF-110 Printer to Wi-Fi

  • Get started to work on a wireless setup by finishing the printer setup and driver setup.
  • For the seamless setup, keep the router nearby the printer setup initially.
  • Arrange the network access with non-fluctuating signal availability.
  • Use the Printer control panel and choose the Setup option to get the network menu or wireless configuration page.
  • Proceed with the upcoming screen settings by giving ok.
  • You can also utilize the Wi-Fi auto-connect option to obtain stable Wi-Fi access. Complete the setup by giving ok.
  • Hold the Wi-Fi button on the router and system simultaneously and wait till the printer gets wireless network recognition.
  • If you see the printer with stable Wi-Fi light, then you are ready to use the Epson WF-110 wireless setup.

Connect Epson WF-110 Printer to Router

  • First, bring the router much closer to the printer setup that is readily available with the driver and other required configurations.
  • Turn on the printer & router using the standard power & network connection.
  • Further, locate the WPS button and even on the connected wireless router.
  • Once the WPS button is found, press and hold them for a few seconds until the light flicker. This informs the printer-to-router connection establishment.
  • You must press the printer and router’s Wi-Fi button at the same time to initiate the further Wi-Fi setup.
  • Wait for the complete Wi-Fi recognition and start the print work using the Epson WF-110 printer router setup.
  • If the printer shows offline error, follow the Epson WF-110 Troubleshooting steps.

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Epson WF-110 Printer setup Utility

The printer setup utility is essential for easy functioning on printer specifications. It is an optional procedure for Epson users. You can use the Official Epson page support and finish the printer setup utility software download & installation process without any issue. Or else use the required utility details on the web search and download the individual utility software to the system to operate using Epson WF-110 printer setup.

How to print using Epson Connect Printer

Epson WF-110 Scan Utility

  • To begin the Scan utility, you need to have the interface connection between the printer & system.
  • Proceed using the wireless network with the help of your network access.
  • Browse via the Epson Official page and enter the printer keys.
  • Wait for the resultant page and pick the Scan Utility Driver.
  • For the compatible suitable utility software, proceed by selecting the compatible OS type and language.
  • Once you’ve chosen your preferences, hit the download button at the bottom
  • Install it using the given screen guidelines and complete the setup.
  • Tap the Scan utility 

Epson WF-110 Fax Utility

  • Check the fax requirements before initiating the Fax utility.
  • Make sure the printer consists of Fax features to it and connect via network settings/menu.
  • Enter the printer keys to find the Fax utility that’s suits the compatible system OS.
  • Specify the language and type of OS to proceed with the next download step.
  • Tap on Download option and install it using Run option & installer prompts.
  • Now, use the Fax utility option from the utility tab to send and receive Fax.

Epson Event Manager Software WF 110

Event Manager Software is the common option to override the scanning analysis method and options. You need not drag the scan functions with the n-number of steps. Just download and install the Epson Event Manager WF-110 software for your system.

Epson Printer Support

How do I install Epson Event Manager Software WF-110

  • Connect via the Official page of Epson and tap the Event Manager Software WF 110 option to download using the printer keys to the field.
  • Hold a moment, till the installation process get completed.
  • On the upcoming pop-up, hit the launch Epson Event Manager Software WF-110.
  • Get back-to-back settings like Programs option > Event Manager.
  • Now, pick Epson Scan.
  • Ensure the setup using the Devices and Printer option.
  • Then, carry out with the support of the Properties > Event tab.
  • Finally, finish using the Scan> Apply option.

Epson WF 110 Scanner Setup Protection Status