Epson WF-3520 Troubleshooting

The Epson WF 3520 is an efficient printer, but there are times that the printer will need to complete a troubleshooting process. Some of the common issues that the Epson WF 3520 printer faces are added below, with instructions on how these issues could be resolved. Contact us further for issues on resolving and troubleshooting the Epson WF 3520 printer or follow the instructions below.

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Epson WF 3520 Won’t connect to Wi-Fi

  1. Power up the Epson WF 3520 printer and check if the wifi issue is still prevalent.
  2. Check if there is an active wireless connection. The connection should be stable and available to connect.
  3. Make a note of wireless connections credentials accurately. If the password is not entered correctly, there will be an issue.
  4. Restart the Epson WF 3520 printer and the wireless router.
  5. Remove the power for both the printer and wireless connection.
  6. Connect it back and use the WPS push button method to connect the printer back to the wireless connection.

Why Epson WF 3520 shows offline and how to solve?

  1. One of the main reasons the printer indicates that it is offline could be a network issue.
  2. Check if the printer is connected to an active wireless connection. The connection should be stable.
  3. Check the printer setting. The Epson WF 3520 should be set as the default printer.
  4. Move over to the control panel, choose Printers and Devices and locate the Epson WF 3520.
  5. Right-click on the Epson WF 3520 printer and choose the option – Set as Default.
  6. Once these changes have been made, complete a final check and take a test print.
  7. If the printer still remains offline, then reinstall the Epson WF-3520 Driver.

Epson WF-3520 won’t print black

  1. Turn on the Epson WF 3520 printer and check if internal settings have been made.
  2. Ensure that the printer is not set to print only in black and white.
  3. Check if the document that is being printed is colored.
  4. Proceed to check the ink cartridges. It should have sufficient ink.
  5. Further, there should be no damage caused to the ink cartridges.
  6. Replace the ink cartridges if needed. If there are further issues, contact us.

Epson WF-3520 not printing color

  1. Ensure the Epson WF 3520 printer is a colored printer. Turn on the color print feature on the printer.
  2. Ensure all the settings made on the printer are accurate, which will allow the Epson WF 3520 printer to print in color.
  3. The print head should be free of clogs, and there should be no issues with the Epson WF 3520 cartridges.
  4. Disable the black/grayscale settings on the ink cartridges for the printer to print in color.
  5. The ink cartridges should have no issues. If there are issues, it has to be replaced.

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Epson WF-3520 Printing and Coping Problem

  • Click the home button settings and select the copy option by using the Up-arrow. Further, use the ok option.
  • Open the copy settings from the settings menu to modify the required ones. Eventually, change the document to be printed or copied files layout.
  • Try to modify the borderless or border layout to the document fit.
  • Try to match the document size to the loaded paper size.
  • Verify the ink cartridges and Print head. Purchase the Epson Premium ink cartridges for Print.

Epson WF-3520 Paper Feeding Problem

  • Unplug the connection and remove the jammed paper on the carriage area by pressing the paper button.
  • Remove all the paper inside the printer cover. Even discard the torn papers.
  • Try to finish the setup using premium quality paper sheets.
  • Press the paper button to pause the printing work and load the required sheets by flattening the curved edges.
  • Finally, restart by disconnecting and unplugging. Protection Status