Epson WF-3530 Printer Not Printing Black Correctly

Printing problems are common in all printers. If you own an Epson printer, then you might also come across the “Epson wf 3530 printer not printing black correctly” problem. This problem can happen because of numerous reasons. The problem with cartridges and print heads can be the reason for this problem.

When you come across this problem, you don’t have to worry. Solving this problem is easy if you follow the method discussed here. The method given in this write-up is simple and easy to implement.

The simple set of instructions for resolving the “Epson wf 3530 printer not printing black” problem is:

  • To begin with, access the Epson printer and ensure it has no problem. After that, open the printer cartridge slots.
  • Check and ensure the cartridge slots do not have any problems. Get new ink cartridges and remove the protective tape from them.
  • Ensure the ink cartridges do not have any problems and they have proper ink levels. Now, insert new cartridges into the cartridge slots and close the slots.
  • Check and ensure the printer has no clogs.
  • Deactivate your Epson wf 3530 printer and wait for a few minutes. Activate the printer. Now, take a dry and clean towel & clean the print head.
  • Take a bunch of sheets suitable for the Epson printer. Open the Epson printer paper tray and place sheets on it. Close the paper tray.
  • Move on to the computer connected to the Epson printer. Check and ensure the computer does not have any problems.
  • Now, make sure the computer has an active internet connection. After that, confirm the Epson printer and computer are properly connected.
  • Then, open any document on the computer. Click on the displayed File menu and select- Print.
  • Make the required changes in the print settings and select- Print to get the print.

Final Note:

Epson printer not printing black correctly problem can be easily solved using the method explained here. However, in case the problem is not resolved in your Epson printer or you have any queries, contact us.

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