Epson wf-3540 won’t connect to Wi-Fi

Are you urged to get your printings done on your Epson WF-3540 printer? -but you have trouble running the Wi-Fi setupRelax, scroll below and get the instant support & solution for your printer that won’t connect to a Wi-Fi setup. Try to use the stable network for the problem-free wireless setup & configurations.

  1. Virtually inspect for any loose or defect on the printer arrangements or setup. If deducted, try to unplug all the cables from the ports to start the wireless setup smoothly.
  2. Then, you have to remove all the obstacles between the printer and system to obtain the best efficiency on printer setup with an uninterrupted network.
  3. Try to adjust the router according to the signal strength and access.
  4. Now, try to use the system settings and, look at the driver details & check whether it is outdated or corrupted.
  5. Connect through the software update utility option to locate and update the required utility or utility software for your respective Epson printer driver.
  6. Further, use the Network settings and ensure there are no trigger issues due to the internet connection.
  7. If it is a new router connection, you have to reset and reinstall the desired Epson printer.
  8. Attempt Power-cycle on your Epson WF-3540 printer devices by switching OFF the printer. Let the printer shut down completely.
  9. Eventually, switch OFF all the printer devices.
  10. Then, carefully unplug all the plugged cords from the printer to other devices’ connections.
  11. Reconnect the manual connection and ensure the lights on the router don’t blink.
  12. Again, ensure the Wi-Fi connection and its active status to attempt the print work.
  13. Alternatively, try to clear all the caches by pressing the Feed button until the printer turns ON.
  14. If the printer initiates printing, again press the feed button.
  15. Yes, your Epson WF-3540 printer is new; the caches are completely trashed.
  16. To the end, try to Restart the printer setup and connect the Wi-Fi connection once again using the above steps.

If- you cannot connect to the Wi-Fi, Call Our Technical Team for easy support & guidance.

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