Epson Workforce ST-4000

It is the SuperTank-MFP printer that is operated by the Precision Core Heat-free Technology printing method. Connect with the simple setup procedures and handling to accomplish the wireless and other connectivity features on the Epson Workforce ST-4000 printer setup. The printer purchase will comes with the ink tanks for 2-years period. Make use of the low-cost ink replacement setup for excellent professional quality printouts in less time.

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epson workforce st-4000 driver

Epson Workforce ST-4000 First Time Printer Setup

  • Gently unpack the new Epson Workforce ST-4000 and keep it on the horizontal space or table.
  • Remove the excessive and shipping tapes from the printer.
  • Take the given printer power cord and connect the printer to a power supply.
  • Try to Refill the tank and slack the required sheets into the input tray.
  • Specify the required key using the Epson Support page – the active device.
  • Have an eye on the network stability and power connections are suitable.
  • Download and install the software which matches the Windows or Mac OS.
  • Use the install option after selecting the required driver file from the list of compatible driver names.
  • Finally, Link the printer setup using the active Wireless setup.
Epson Printer setup

Epson Workforce ST-4000 Driver Download

After establishing the First-time Printer setup, connect to the Epson Official page and support using the driver-download page. On the driver download page, look for the driver software that is suitable for the printer setup and compatible device. Then, tap the download option to get the download process done on the respective system.

Epson ST-4000 Driver-Windows

  • Once you have done the Epson First-time printer setup, enable the Epson printer and Windows system.
  • Then, receive the wireless network and hassle-free power connection.
  • Bring active computer and do web search using to enter the printer requirements.
  • Drag the wireless router close to the printer setup to stay away from the problem access.
  • Note-down the printer particulars like Epson Workforce ST-4000 and the operating system – Windows OS.
  • On the resultant page, you will get the list of driver names to be selected.
  • Select the required driver for windows computer and tap download.
  • Support with the on-screen directions and finish the driver setup using the wireless network connection.

Epson ST-4000 Driver-Mac

  • Initially, enable the Epson Workforce ST-4000 printer and the compatible Mac system.
  • Ensure whether the printer is well-conditioned to accept the function.
  • Power on the Mac and browse using the
  • Give the printer particulars like Epson ST-4000 on the preferences page.
  • Choose the required compatible driver file that matches the compatibles Mac OS.
  • Further, select the download option and connect to the on-screen instructions to complete the setup.
  • In the next step, the Epson ST-4000 is successfully connected to the Driver setup using the wireless connection.
  • Start using the Epson ST-4000 printer setup with driver setup.

Epson Workforce ST-4000 Wireless Setup

Connect Epson ST-4000 Printer to Wi-Fi

  • First, plug-in the Epson Workforce ST-4000 printer and initiate the Wi-Fi connection.
  • Look for the hassle-free Wi-Fi setup connection to bring the best output.
  • Always be available with the user’s Wi-Fi Credentials.
  • Just tap the Wi-Fi icon using the printer control panel settings.
  • Go with the processing steps and complete the setup in no time.
  • On the upcoming screen, select the Wireless Setup Wizard.
  • Now, you will get the list of an available wireless networks to be selected.
  • Pick any one of the network names and enter the user Wi-Fi credentials correctly.
  • Finally, you are done with the active wireless setup using the Epson ST-4000.

Connect Epson ST-4000 Printer to Router

  • Alternatively use the setup without the Wireless Setup Wizard, if required. Or else, just connect with the Mac.
  • Arrange and connect with the hassle-free wireless setup prior.
  • Meanwhile, find the WPS Push-button on the connected printer control panel.
  • Continue the same procedure using the wireless router to bring out the WPS setup.
  • At the same time, press & hold the located WPS button on the printer and router to establish the Wireless setup feature using the user Wi-Fi.
  • Move on with the screen instructions and complete the setup with the requirements.
  • Bring the best configuration and physical connection by intact confirmation.
  • Tap and solve via Epson st-4000 Troubleshooting, if you see the printer offline error.

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Epson WorkForce ST-4000 Connect Printer setup Utility

The utility is the main need of users to enjoy the printer specifications and inbuilt features in a single-point. Use the Printer setup utility software by downloading it to the compatible device. You can also try the utility combo software that is available on the Epson Official page. Tap the printer name and choose the required utility-software to accomplish the features using the Epson ST-4000 printer module.

Epson ST-4000 Scan Utility

  • Primarily, turn on the respective Epson ST-4000 and computer device.
  • Bring the active and secured Wi-Fi network connection using the user credentials to accomplish the Wireless network connection.
  • Click and use the Epson Official page to get the utility details & support page.
  • You can choose the utility tab and prefer according to your choice like- Scan Utility Driver.
  • Specify and authorize the proper printer details to proceed further.
  • Then, move on with the Epson Workforce ST-4000 and OS details to the specified field.
  • Using the list of availed printer utility tab, select the scan utility.
  • Finally, continue with the download and install option to download the driver. Now, choose the utility tab and pick the scan option to test scanning.

Epson ST-4000 Fax Utility

  • Primarily, make the Epson ST-4000 printer and the compatible system with interface connection.
  • Arrange the safe and protected Wi-Fi network connection and connect the printer devices to begin wireless setup.
  • Turn on the active system and browse using the Official Epson ST-4000 printer page.
  • Mention the printer particulars like Epson Workforce ST-4000 with reference to the Windows OS or Mac OS.
  • Tap and download using the given directives to obtain the Fax Utility.
  • Once you have downloaded the driver, double-tap to open.
  • Operate the fax option by choosing the Fax option from the utility tab.
  • Check with sample fax.

Epson Event Manager Software ST-4000

It is to replace the multiple-procedure scanning steps using the single scan button. Make use of the feature by downloading the Epson Event Manager software st 4000. Make use of the given steps to operate according to your requirements.

Epson Printer Support

How do I install Epson Event Manager Software ST-4000?

  • First, switch on the Epson Workforce ST-4000 and tap to download button to get the Epson Event Manager Software on the active system.
  • Support using the wizard instructions to complete the software installation process.
  • Complete the software installation setup properly and restart the printer setup.
  • Now, hit launch to run the Epson Event Manager Software ST 4000.
  • Follow the Programs> Event Manager Option on the connected system.
  • On the next screen, choose the scan option.
  • Use the desktop search and pick the Devices and Printer option.
  • Hit the Options back to back –Properties >Event tab.
  • Complete the setup using the Scan and Apply option back-to-back.

Epson WorkForce ST-4000 Scanner Setup Protection Status