Epson Workforce ST-4000 Troubleshooting

Epson Workforce is the super tank Multi-function printer, which consists of n-number of features excluding print. So, you need to maintain the printer and other printer-related devices from errors. If at all the errors are noticed on the printer control panel, select the troubleshoot page on the Official Epson website and clarify your printer-related queries and problems with the Technicians.

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Epson Workforce ST-4000 Won’t connect Wi-Fi

  • Check the Wi-Fi-related credentials like WEP Key or WPA passphrase and inspect the Wi-Fi strength.
  • Start the diagnose process on the Epson Workforce ST-4000 printer by ensuring network stability and access.
  • Prefer the problem-free connection with stable Wi-Fi light on the wireless printer.
  • Always try to modify the settings if it is network printing type. In case the driver seems unavailable, try to replace it by installing the new version.
  • Ensure with the updated version driver OS or else use the Epson Workforce ST-4000 printer setup utility.
  • Disable the printer setup connections from the printer backside to the socket and plug again using the stable Wi-Fi connection.
  • If the printer remains the problem same, reinstall the Epson WorkForce ST-4000 Driver.

Why does Epson Workforce ST-4000 show offline and how to solve it?

  • Once you get notified with the Offline error on the printer display, just check the connecting cables are intact.
  • Bring the respective printer to default type using the default printer option. Look at the Workforce ST-4000 printer for the Offline mode.
  • Check the printer driver preferences and download the updated version software.
  • Further, tap the Reboot option. Work using the local administrator account on the connected system and choose the devices and printers option with the help of the search tab.
  • To check the printer status, right-click the Epson Workforce ST-4000 printer using the printer name list. And check See what the printing option is.
  • Click on the printer name and enable the online mode by ticking near to the option.

Epson Workforce ST-4000 Won’t print black

  • If you undergo the black won’t print issue, select the black color settings instead of the color option.
  • If required, update the driver file with the new version of the software. Browse via the Epson Official page to get the required driver file for Epson Workforce ST-4000.
  • Meanwhile, check the ink cartridge and other input tray needs.
  • If possible look at the print head by taking it out and removing the visible clogs.
  • Receive the new Workforce ST-4000 ink cartridge which comes with the white label on the top head cover.
  • In case the paper carriage tray is available with torn or any crushed paper, try to remove them immediately.

Epson Workforce ST-4000 not printing color

  • Use the Official page and check the printer specifications for color print concerning the printer model.
  • If it is available with the color print option, proceed with further requirements like paper-type settings.
  • See whether the black color is enabled, select the black/Grayscale or Grayscale option to disable the settings.
  • Inspect the print nozzle and clear all the clogs present on it.
  • Clean and clear the printer carriage area and maintain dust-free always.
  • Try to focus on ink requirements like refill and replacement.

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Epson Workforce ST-4000 Printing and Coping Problem

  • Select the copy option from the home page settings by using the Up-arrow. Then, continue using with ok option.
  • Alter the copy settings option and do the required changes in the settings to alter the layout.
  • Choose whether to use the borderless or border layout to the document fit.
  • Prefer the document size that fits the printer paper specifications.
  • On the other hand, check the ink cartridges and print head of the Printer. Always buy the Epson Workforce ST-4000-quality ink cartridges to escape from the troubleshooting.

Epson Workforce ST-4000 Paper Feeding Problem

  • To start, switch off the Epson Workforce ST-4000 printer and trash the jammed paper from the carriage area by holding the paper button.
  • Check the print head for any blockage and remove them without delay.
  • Always remove the additional paper from the input tray after the printing process.
  • Try to hold the paper button to stop the print work and clean the printer components.
  • Power-cycle the entire printer setup.
  • To work better, unplug and plug in the printer setup. Protection Status