Epson XP-4105

Epson XP 4105 is the best printer for printing. However, for proper printer functioning, an efficient printer setup is necessary. Here, we have clearly explained Epson printer setup, network setup, and driver download.

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Epson XP 5100 Printer Setup

Epson XP-4105 First Time Printer Setup

The simple steps for Epson XP 4105 printer setup are:

  • Open the package of the Epson XP 4105 printer.
  • Take the printer and keep it near to a power port.
  • Remove the inner packing materials from the Epson printer.
  • Then, remove the outer packing materials from the printer.
  • Take a stable USB cord and connect it to the printer.
  • After that, connect the same USB cord to the computer.
  • Insert the suitable ink cartridges into the printer cartridge slots.
  • Place a compatible bunch of sheets into the Epson printer paper ray.
  • Switch ON the power port and activate the Epson XP 4105 printer.
Epson Printer setup

Epson XP-4105 Driver Download

Here you will get to know the instructions for Epson XP 4105 driver setup on Windows and Mac devices:

Epson XP-4105 driver- Windows

The simple procedure for Epson XP 4105 driver installation on Windows OS is:

  • Activate the Windows computer and know the type of your printer.
  • Choose the download option and select the Driver option.
  • Click on the Start button and choose- Device Manager.
  • Access the Device Hardware Categories and choose – Epson XP 4105 printer name.
  • Move on to the Driver Tab and click on the option- Update Driver.
  • The device begins searching for the updated driver version.
  • Update the Epson printer driver version if any updated version is there.
  • Fill the Epson 4105 printer tray with a set of suitable sheets.
  • Lastly, print a sample file.

Epson XP 4105 Driver Installation for Mac

The procedure to install Epson 4105 driver on a Mac device is:

  • Power up the Epson XP 4105 printer and Mac computer.
  • Ensure that the printer and computer are faultless.
  • Choose a language from the displayed list of languages on the XP printer.
  • Access the Mac device CD slot and open the CD tray.
  • Take out the CD from the package and confirm to have no fault in it.
  • Feed the CD tray properly with CD and close the CD slot.
  • The driver installation process begins on the Mac device.
  • Continue with the driver installation and complete the process.

Epson XP-4105 Wireless Setup

To connect the printer to your Mac/Windows device Wi-Fi, here are the available methods:

Connect Epson XP 4105 Printer to Wi-Fi

For settings up the device Wi-Fi in the Epson XP 4105 printer, use the simple instructions below:

  • Switch ON your Epson XP 4105 printer.
  • Ensure that the Epson XP printer to have no problem.
  • Access the Epson XP 4105 printer panel.
  • Press the home button shown on the Epson XP printer and go for Wi-Fi setup.
  • Carry on with the on-screen instructions and choose- wireless setup wizard.
  • Select your wireless name from the Epson XP 4105 printer panel and move on.
  • Provide the passcode of your Wi-Fi when the screen asks.
  • Complete Epson XP 4105 wireless setup and print a sample page.
  • If the Printer shows offline error, follow the Epson XP-4105 Troubleshooting steps.

Connect Epson XP 4105 Printer to Router

Connecting the Epson XP 4105 printer with the Wi-Fi router is simple. The simple procedure to connect the router and Epson printer is:

  • Activate the Wi-Fi router and Epson XP 4105 printer.
  • Access the wireless device and confirm to have a stable Wi-Fi button.
  • Press and hold the wireless button of XP 4105 for some time.
  • Go to the Wi-Fi button of the wireless router, press it within 2 minutes, and hold on until the light appears.
  • The light in the printer means your Wi-Fi device and XP 4105 printer are in proper connection.
  • After that, open a file you need to print on your preferred device.
  • Now, click the File option and select the given option- Print.
  • Change the print settings as per your business printing requirements.
  • After that, select the on-screen option- Print to take the print.
  • Lastly, check the delivered print and ensure Epson XP 4105 wireless setup.

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Epson XP 4105 Connect Printer setup Utility

When it comes to Epson XP 4105 printer, connect it to the computer using a wireless or wired network mode. Select the network setup method as per your print requirements. The wired and Wi-Fi setup processes are simple with a set of standard steps. Here, you will get to know how to connect Epson XP 4105 printer and computer wirelessly.

Epson XP 4105 Scan Utility

Epson XP 4105 printer is the best option to scan. The Epson printer has the efficiency to scan your preferred images and files & give high-quality results. Additionally, the Epson 4105 scan utility ensures the users to make use of all the Epson XP 4105 features. As a matter of fact, the XP 4105 utility acts as a connection between the Epson XP printer and its specific applications. The printer supports scanning pictures in black & white, color, and grayscale.

Epson XP 4105 Fax Utility

The Epson printer Fax utility is a freeware fax sender for Windows computers. The XP 4105 fax utility is the best application as it supports Fax. Moreover, with this, you can send diverse types of documents to anywhere. It includes drawings, texts, and tables. Additionally, scanning using the XP 4105 printer will become easy with the Fax Utility. 

Epson Event Manager Software XP 4105

The Epson event manager software XP 4105 supports the efficient functioning of Epson printers. With this, the user can make use of all the Epson XP 4105 features. Moreover, it provides additional support to the XP 4105 scanner process. It consists of Scan to Email, Scan as PDF, Scan to PC, etc. The Epson Event Manager works based on the command triggering the XP 4105 scanner functions. Additionally, the Event Manager software functions usually in the background.

Epson Printer Support

How do I install Epson Event Manager Software XP 4105

The basic instructions to install XP 4105 Epson Event Manager Software on your device are:

  • Initially, turn ON the Windows or Mac computer.
  • Then, ensure that the computer Wi-Fi connection is stable.
  • Download the Epson Event Manager Software XP-4105 setup file on the computer.
  • Go to the folder where the setup file is and open it.
  • Continue with the wizard instructions and complete the process.
  • Finally, power off your computer and activate it after some time for the Epson printer features to work.

Epson XP 4105 Scanner Setup Protection Status