Epson XP-440 Troubleshooting

To assist users in troubleshooting the Epson XP 440 printer, we have devised a few simple steps to be followed to resolve the printer issues. The instructions that have been added below should assist in the process of eliminating the printer issue. Alternatively, users can contact us to assist in troubleshooting the Epson XP 440 printer.

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Epson XP 440 Won’t connect to wifi

  1. First, begin the process by checking the wifi connection. The connection should be active and stable.
  2. Check the speed at which the wifi connection is functioning. It should work at the required speed.
  3. If not, restart the wireless router and hold the power button down.
  4. Allow all the LED lights to be turned off and remain idle for a few minutes.
  5. Power up the wireless connection back and connect.
  6. Additionally, check the driver for updates. Complete these changes, and the Epson XP 440 printer will function effectively.

Why Epson XP 440 shows offline and how to solve?

  1. Ensure all the cables connecting the printer and the driver are intact.
  2. Check if the Epson XP 440 printer is set as the default printer. To make this change open the Settings app.
  3. Choose the Epson XP 440 and right-click on it. Choose Set as Default from the pop-up menu.
  4. Following this, make sure the printer is set to function online.
  5. Make sure the printer and the device are connected to a wireless connection.
  6. Check the Epson XP 440 printer driver and complete the changes to make sure the printer works.

Epson XP 440 Won’t Print black

  • Complete the first check to ensure sufficient ink in the ink cartridges.
  • If there is sufficient ink, check if any damage is caused to the cartridges.
  • Proceed further to ensure there is sufficient paper in the tray.
  • The paper used for the Epson XP 440p printer should be of good quality.
  • Check if there is a driver update. Check the device that is connected to the printer.
  • The printer and the device should be updated to function effectively.

Epson XP 440 not Printing Color

  1. Complete a check to make sure the cartridges are functioning correctly.
  2. Ensure the paper quality is good and make sure there is sufficient paper in the tray.
  3. Complete a check of the printer drivers. It should be updated.
  4. The same should be completed for the device as well. Complete the update.
  5. If the issue continues to prevail, then the driver should be uninstalled.
  6. Complete the installation of the Epson XP 440 driver once again.
  7. Contact us for further assistance with guided instructions.

Get in touch with the Customer Support team to assist in the complete setup of the EPSON printer.

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Epson XP 440 Printing and Copying Problem

  1. Make the printer is free of any alerts. If there are any alerts, rectify them at once.
  2. Check if the printer is in a good functioning condition.
  3. There should be sufficient paper in the paper feeding tray.
  4. The paper that is inserted in the tray should be of good quality.
  5. Restart the Epson XP 440 printer by removing the power cord.
  6. It should first be removed from the printer and then the power supply.

Connect it back, and the printer issues should be resolved.

Epson XP 440 Paper Feeding Problem

  1. Check if there is sufficient paper in the paper feeding tray.
  2. The paper used in the paper feeding tray should be of high quality.
  3. Replace the sheets of paper if it is not of good quality.
  4. Check if there is an existing paper jam.
  5. If the paper is jammed in the printer, it must be removed.
  6. Check the paper feeding tray and remove the paper if it is stuck.
  7. Restart the printer and continue to use it without any issues. Protection Status