Epson XP-6000 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting your Epson XP 6000 printer is simple. Follow the set of steps listed below and heal your Epson printer with no hassles. Keeping your XP 6000 printer hassle-free is vital to getting quality printouts. Enjoy printing at ease with your Epson XP 6000 printer.

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Epson XP 6000 Won’t connect to wifi

  • Enter the Wi-Fi password or passphrase if your XP 6000 printer is not on the list.
  • Now, check if your network signal and Epson XP 6000 printer are active.
  • Check if the Wi-Fi light on the control panel is glowing without fluctuations.
  • Check if the software is compatible with Wi-Fi. Else, uninstall the driver and continue.
  • Now, install the latest driver and the Epson printer setup utility on your device.
  • Reboot your printer, PC, router and reconnect your printer to Wi-Fi.

Why Epson XP 6000 shows offline and how to solve?

  • Switch on your PC and look at whether the OS on your PC is the latest.
  • Now, go to the settings menu and search for the devices option.
  • Pick your Epson XP 6000 printer and right-click on it.
  • Choose the “Set as default” menu and reboot your Epson XP 6000 printer.
  • The Epson XP 6000 printer will turn active with all the print features.
  • Assign a print task to check if your printer is ready to accept print tasks.
  • Also, check if the network connection to your XP 6000 printer is stable.

Epson XP 6000 Won’t Print black

  • Check if your XP 6000 printer is active and go to the cartridges settings.
  • Choose the black only menu and verify the Epson XP-6000 driver status.
  • Check if the ink cartridges are not running out of ink.
  • Clean the print heads and check if you have an original Epson ink cartridge.
  • Check if you have removed the packing materials from the ink cartridges.
  • Also, check if the paper tray is free from clots and has enough printing sheets.

Epson XP 6000 not Printing Color

  • Look at whether your Epson XP 6000 comes with color printing technology.
  • Change the paper settings as per the input paper tray.
  • Turn off all the grayscale settings before you continue to print.
  • Clean the nozzle head and check for any clogs in the print head.
  • Reset and replace the ink cartridges and the printing sheets in your printer.

Clean the printing tray and assign a test print task to your XP 6000 printer.

Get in touch with the Customer Support team to assist in the complete setup of the EPSON printer.

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Epson XP 6000 Printing and Copying Problem

  • Go to the start menu and choose the copy button.
  • Reset all the copy settings from the settings menu.
  • Change the document layout you need to copy.
  • Adjust the border layout of the documents you need to copy.
  • Alter the document size as per the installed printing sheets.
  • Check the ink cartridges and the printing sheets for compatibility.
  • Use only genuine cartridges and Epson-recommended printing sheets.

Epson XP 6000 Paper Feeding Problem

  • Disable the connected devices and remove the paper clots.
  • Remove the jammed papers by pressing and holding the paper button.
  • Discard the torn printing sheets and sheets inside the print cover.
  • Use only genuine Epson-recommended printing sheets.
  • Pause all the print jobs and align the printing sheets in the input paper tray.
  • Reboot the Epson XP 6000 printer and the PC to continue printing. Protection Status