Epson XP-640

Epson XP-640 printer module provides fantastic features using simple and user-friendly settings & setup configurations. It has inbuilt wireless and mobile printing capabilities attributes connected to the desired compatible device. To attain the specifications mentioned above, you need to download the updated Epson XP-640 driver or utility software to begin and enjoy the full-fledged printer features.

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epson xp 640 driver

Epson XP-640 First Time Printer Setup

  • Receive the new printer box and lift it to the ground surface.
  • Use the sharp object to make an incision on the top of the printer box.
  • Eradicate all the shipping and covered protective tapes from the printer & printer components.
  • Connect all the printer components using the given cables with the help of Manual.
  • Complete the setup by using the additional support with the Epson Official page – Give the printer keys to get the printer details.
  • Take the ink cartridges and click them on the given slots concerning the colour of the slots.
  • Take the stack of paper sheets and arrange them according to the loading status.
  • Now, close the input tray access door and start the printer using the power button.
  • Try to connect the interface connection using the compatible device to download the driver software.
  • Finally, you are ready to print using vibrant colours.
Epson Printer setup

Epson XP-640 Driver Download

Driver download is the mandatory setup step that plays a vital role in printing access through its mentioned features. Use problem-free network access to obtain the best driver software setup procedures in no time.

Epson XP-640 driver- Windows

  • Initially, look at the Manual and connect the printer & windows system.
  • Use the standard power and Wi-Fi network access to start the driver download process.
  • First, bring the and specify the printer keys to get the desired driver OS.
  • For the absence of error, get the router nearby the printer setup.
  • On the next page, select the operating system – Windows OS.
  • Now, wait until the page gets loaded and choose the driver names from the list.
  • Tap the download button after confirmation of the driver from the drop-down list.
  • For the driver installation, use the on-screen prompts to complete.

Epson XP 640 Driver Installation for Mac

  • To establish the driver on Mac, use the Printer to Mac system interface connection.
  • Your Printer must be ready to run the printer setup using the driver OS.
  • Tap this and get instant help to set up the printer setup for the driver download process.
  • The next page requires the Printer to scan the driver suitable to the system.
  • From the scanned list of driver names, pick the desired one.
  • Connect through the on-screen guidelines and finish the driver setup.
  • If the installer requested to pick the mode of connection, choose accordingly.
  • Carry out using the Print option using the selected documents.

Epson XP-640 Wireless Setup

The printer always needs the wired or wireless connection method to connect with the computer or laptop. We are here to guide you with the printer connection setup.

Connect Epson XP 640 Printer to Wi-Fi

  • Prior, the user should have stable network access to start the wireless setup.
  • Try to share the same network with all the printer setup devices like the system and router.
  • Be clear on the Wi-Fi credentials details.
  • You are ready to utilize the Wi-Fi icon to start the wireless setup with printer control panel settings.
  • Finish it off using the wizard guidelines.
  • Meanwhile, check the flow of the network and progress.
  • Look at the scanned network names and prefer the required one by tapping on it.
  • On the given field, enter the Wi-Fi credentials like name & password.
  • Start printing wirelessly using the Epson XP-640 Wi-Fi setup.

Connect Epson XP 640 Printer to Router

  • Open your Mac system and start using the wireless setup without the Wireless Setup Wizard on Mac.
  • Prior, set up the Printer using the wireless setup needs.
  • Use the printer control settings and hold down the WPS Push-button. 
  • Go with the same procedure using the wireless router for WPS.
  • Further, try to press & hold the active WPS button on both Printer & router.
  • Quickly access through the on-screen directives to complete the wireless network setup procedures.
  • Look at the network stability to move the procedure further.
  • If the Wi-Fi didn’t connect, tap the Epson XP-640 Troubleshooting steps to get an instant solution.

Get in touch with the Customer Support team to assist in the complete setup of the EPSON printer.

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Epson XP 640 Connect Printer setup Utility

Epson printer setup utility software is optional for the user’s choice. They can download depending upon their needs. First, complete the driver and printer setup using the Epson Official page support to download this. Use the printer specifications to exhibit the features separately by downloading the individual utility.

Epson XP 640 Scan Utility

  • To start the Scan utility, tie up the Epson XP-640 and computer device.
  • Then, connect to the wireless network using the user network access.
  • With your active & stable system connection, start using the Epson Official page.
  • Continue with the next procedure using the Scan Utility Driver.
  • To get the exact scan utility for the printer model, enter the printer keys on the respective field.
  • Balance the settings by entering the Epson XP-640 and OS details in the stated field.
  • From the stated utility option, pick the scan utility.
  • Tap the download and install to complete the scan utility setup.

Epson XP 640 Fax Utility

  • Carry out using the active system to bring the Fax utility on implementation.
  • Move on with the wireless network setup to access the Wi-Fi setup using the printer manual.
  • Enter the Printer’s model number on the Official page and give enter.
  • It requires the printer keys concerning the compatible device type and language. Finish it for your preferences.
  • Choose the download option and carry out the on-screen directive to finish the Fax Utility on the next screen.
  • Open the installed Fax utility file to include the Printer in it.
  • On the home page, tap the utility tab and pick the Fax utility on function.
  • Start faxing using the Epson XP-640 printer setup.

Epson Event Manager Software XP 640

Event Manager Software is the alternative option for the scanning function and shortcut for scan procedure. Even get instant support from the Epson Official page for the best software guidelines and setup. Connect through the Home page and Epson Event Manager Software XP-640 regarding the printer model number.

Epson Printer Support

How do I install Epson Event Manager Software XP 640

  • Start the below steps once you finish the printer setup using the compatible Windows or Mac system.
  • Tap & connect to the Official Epson page to get the Event Manager Software XP 640 option and download by typing the printer keys to the field.
  • Relax a while for the software installation process to complete.
  • On the other hand, hit the launch Epson Event Manager Software.
  • Modify the settings by Programs option > Event Manager.
  • Then, select the Epson Scan.
  • Carry out using the Devices and Printer option.
  • Proceed using the Properties > Event tab.
  • Finally, finish using the Scan> Apply option back-to-back.

Epson XP 640 Scanner Setup Protection Status