Epson XP 8500 Troubleshooting

Troubleshooting is the process of identifying and analyzing errors in a user’s printer-related problems. Visit the troubleshooting page on the HP official website and use simple techniques to solve the problem. Download and run the HP Print & Scan Doctor software on your device to identify problems that appear in the control panel of your Epson XP 8500 printer. If you have any printing problems, please contact our technical team as soon as possible.

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Epson XP 8500 Won’t connect to Wi-Fi

  • Your printer may not always be properly connected to your wireless network. So try entering the correct WEP key or WPA passphrase.
  • Check if the Epson XP 8500 printer is connected to a working network.
  • His Wi-Fi LED on the printer should be lit.
  • Check the specifications of your network printing software. If the Epson XP 8500 driver software is listed as unavailable, remove it from your system. Install the latest software update from
  • Restart your printer, computer, and router if necessary. Disable and re-enable your Wi-Fi connection.

Why is Epson XP 8500 shown offline and how to solve it?

  • If the warning is an offline error, connect the printer and PC to the same network connection. Please follow the advice.
  • Change the printer settings if necessary. If the printer doesn’t seem to be recognized, make it your default printer. Offline mode has been added to the Epson XP 8500 printer. Check your driver software and download the latest driver via Epson Official Page support –
  • Completely restart the printer settings. Create a local administrator account on your computer and use the search box to find the Devices and Printers option.
  • In the list of printers, right-click the Epson XP 8500 printer and select See Available Print Options. Select the printer name and check the box to allow online mode.

Epson XP 8500 Won’t Print Black

  • If your printer only supports black, set it to black instead of color.
  • Check the update status of the Epson XP 8500 driver. Please do so if necessary.
  • Check the ink tanks/cartridges before printing.
  • Check for clogged printheads. Clear the conditions before starting the print job.
  • Install a high-quality EPSON ink cartridge with a white label on the top cover.
  • Make sure the paper holder compartment is clear. If it exists, remove it immediately.

Epson XP 8500 not Printing Color

  • Check that your Epson printer supports color before printing in color.
  • Check that the paper type setting corresponds to the paper in the selected tray.
  • Before printing, disable the black/grayscale or grayscale options.
  • Please give it your all. Examine the nozzles and installed printheads for clogs.
  • Examine the sledge for apparent obstacles and double-check that all connections are secure. Reset the settings and change the color ink cartridges to try again.

Contact our team to help in the first-time setup of the EPSON Printer.

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Epson XP 8500 Printing and Copying Problem

  • On the same page, tap the Up-arrow and then the OK button to pick the copy option from the home button settings.
  • Make any essential adjustments to the document layout and tweak the copy settings using the options option.
  • Make an effort to match the borderless or border layout to the document.
  • Adjust the document size to match the size of the printing paper.
  • Examine the printer’s ink cartridges and print head. Use Epson ink cartridges wherever feasible.

Epson XP 8500 Paper Feeding Problem

  • Switch off the connected system and release the jammed paper from the carriage using the paper button.
  • Remove all paper from the printer by opening the lid. Don’t forget about the ripped paper.
  • Pack the necessary paperwork again.
  • Continue printing by pressing the Paper button, loading the necessary paper, and straightening any curved edges.
  • Proceed to disconnect and delete all the existing settings. Protection Status