Fix Epson WF-7210 Not Printing Issues

Various reasons support why the Epson printer is not working with a Mac. We have devised a few simple steps that assist in fixing the Epson printer issue. Complete these steps, and the process of rectifying the Epson printer error will be removed.

Remove the Epson WF-7210 printing issues using the guidelines that have been mentioned below. There are times these issues will need simple fixes. It could be a network or a driver issue. The steps below will provide guidance to bring out the best in terms of being able to use the Epson WF-7210 effectively without any delay.


Complete the checklist to ensure the issue of the Epson WF-7210, not printing is removed.


  1. Restart printers and devices.
    1. Begin the first step by restarting the printer and the devices to make sure underlying issues are removed.
    2. To restart the printer, pull out the power cord from the printer’s end while it is turned on and then remove it from the power supply.
    3. After allowing it to remain idle for a few minutes, connect the power cord back. The printer will automatically power up.
    4. Turn of the wireless network connection by pressing and holding down the power button.
    5. Wait for all the lights to go off and turn it back on. The wifi router will restart.
    6. Open the Windows option and choose Restart. Give it a few minutes to come back on.

There are times the issue that is causing the printer not to function will be removed. If the issue continues to prevail, then use the below steps to try again.


  1. Check the wireless connection
    1. Make sure the printer is connected to a wireless connection.
    2. The printer and the device should be connected to the same wireless connection.
    3. Note that the Epson WF-7210, the device and the wifi router should be close or in the same place to connect.
    4. Check if the wireless connection is active and the printer is connected to an active wireless connection.
  2. Check of the driver is updated
    1. Another issue that could be the reason behind the Epson WF-7210 printer, not printing is the outdated driver.
    2. Complete a quick check to see if the printer has to be updated driver. If yes, then complete it immediately.
    3. Complete a check for the device. The Epson wf 7210 software should be updated.
    4. Restart the device and the Epson WF-7210. Check if the issue has been removed.

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