How to Connect Epson XP 7710 Printer To The wifi

Making a connection between Epson XP 7710 printer and the wifi network is easy. For this, you need a stable computer and wireless network. You can easily connect the Epson printer to the wireless network if you have both of these.

Now, some of you might think about how to do this process? If yes, then this blog will be an asset for you. Here, we are discussing connecting the Epson printer to the wifi network.

Basic Procedure for Connecting the Epson XP 7710 Printer and wifi

The below procedure will help you connect the Epson XP 7714 and wifi network easily and quickly.

  • Power up the computer you want to connect with the Epson XP 7714 printer.
  • Check and confirm that the computer has a stable wireless network.
  • Afterward, move on to the Epson XP 7714 printer and activate it.
  • Now, choose the icon- Home and access the setup menu.
  • Then, select the wireless setup menu and choose the wireless setup wizard.
  • Select your wifi name and provide its passkey when the wizard prompts.
  • Continue with the steps given in the wizard and complete the process.

Now, if you experience any problem in making a connection between the Epson XP 7710 printer and wifi network, then resolve it using the steps below:

  • Check the wifi network and passcode & ensure they are accurate.
  • After that, make sure that there are no interfaces between the devices.
  • Then, confirm that the network connection is accurate and perfect.
  • Confirm that the installed Epson XP 7710 driver is the updated version.
  • Lastly, reinstall the Reimage.

How to Ensure the Epson XP 7710 Printer Driver is of the Upgraded Version?

The printer driver of the Epson XP 7710 printer is always updating. So, to get the upgraded version Epson XP 7710 driver, search for it. When you get the upgraded Epson printer driver, save its setup file on the device. Then, open the folder where the driver setup file is and click on the setup file two times. After that, the Epson printer driver installation process begins on the device. Now, follow the on-screen procedure and finish the driver installation.

Additionally, you can update the Epson XP printer driver automatically. However, for this, download and install the software- Driver Easy.

How to Download and Install Driver Easy Software?

The standard instructions for downloading and installing Driver Easy software are:

  • Firstly, activate the Windows/Mac computer.
  • Download the Driver Easy software on the computer.
  • Run the Driver Easy software setup file on the device.
  • Use the procedure given on the screen and install the software.
  • Open the Driver Easy software and select the “Scan Now” option.
  • Now, the software scans the computer and detects the corrupted printer drivers.
  • Choose the option- Update shown near the printer driver.
  • The upgraded version of the Epson printer driver with automatically saved.
  • Finally, install the Epson XP 7710 driver as per the wizard steps.


Installing the Reimage software is not a challenging process. However, some of you may not know how to install the software. As a result, we are explaining the procedure for Reimage software installation.

  • Access the Windows/Mac device connected to the XP printer.
  • Search and download the software (Reimage) on the computer.
  • Extract the software and follow the on-screen instructions.
  • Finish the Reimage software installation and open it.
  • Now, scan the computer using the software for the scan report.
  • Finally, select- START REPAIR, and the issues will be fully resolved.

Final Words

Connect the Epson XP 7710 driver to the device wifi easily and quickly using the above method. If you need any clarification on the method, get in touch with our expert technical team.

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