How To Fix the Epson ET-8700 Printer Driver Installation Error

Facing difficulty in installing Epson Ecotank ET 8700 driver? No problem. Fixing the Epson ET 8700 printer driver installation error is not a difficult process. You can fix this problem easily using the method explained in this write-up.

Methods to Fix the Epson ET 8700 Printer Driver Installation Error

First Method: Reactivate the Epson ET 8700 Printer Spooler Service
  • Access the computer and press the keys (Windows and R).
  • Enter the term- services.msc  in the search bar on the Run box.
  • Continue by pressing the Enter button.
  • Now, find the option- Print Spooler and double-click on it.
  • The properties interface section will appear.
  • Choose the Stop option to stop the service.
  • Wait until the process finishes and choose the Start option.
  • Select the Apply option and choose- OK to restart the service.
  • Finally, restart the computer.

Still, if the driver installation problem exists, then try the next method.

Second Method: Remove the Spooler Files
  • Move on to the computer and press the Windows & E keys.
  • Access the C drive and choose the Windows device.
  • Select the System32 option and click on the spool option.
  • Then, access the printer’s folder and remove all the files from it.
  • Finally, reactivate the printer spooler service.

If the Epson et-8700 printer driver installation problem is still there, use the next method.

Third Method: Install Epson ET 8700 Printer Driver Manually
  • Access the computer and open the Device Manager section.
  • Now, choose your Epson ET 8700 printer from the list.
  • Right-click on the ET printer name and choose- Uninstall device.
  • Select the Uninstall option shown on the popup.
  • Wait until the uninstallation process is over.
  • After that, download the compatible Epson ET-8700 driver.
  • Run the downloaded driver setup file on the computer.
  • Continue with the on-screen instructions and finish the installation.

If you come across the same problem again, then continue to the next method.

Fourth Method: Change the Connection Port of the Epson ET 8700 Printer

If you’re using Windows 11, then use the method below to change the Epson printer connection port.

  • Click on the Start option and choose the Settings option.
  • Then, select the Bluetooth & devices section and click- Printer & scanner.
  • Now, select your Epson printer name and choose the Printer Properties option.
  • Access the Port tab and choose- USB001. After that, choose the Apply option.

If your device has Windows 10, then follow the below method for changing the printer connection port.

  • Go to the control panel section of the computer and choose- Devices and Printers.
  • Then, choose- Add a Printer, click- Add a Local Printer, and access the section- Choose a Printer Port.
  • Click- Use an existing port and choose the drop-down menu. Now, choose- USB001 and click- Next.
  • Access the Manufacturers section and choose your printer’s manufacturer.
  • Choose your Epson printer given under the Printers section and finish the process.

Now, check whether the printer driver problem is fully resolved. If not, follow the next method.

Fifth Method: Run the Troubleshooter (Windows Printer)
  • Press the keys Windows and I to access the Settings app.
  • Then, choose the System option and click- Troubleshoot. Now, select- Other Troubleshooters.
  • Now, find your preferred printer from the shown list. Then, choose the Run option given near the Windows Printer troubleshooter.
  • The tool will identify and solve the errors automatically. Once this process begins, wait until it gets fully finished.

Final Note

Fix the Epson ET-8700 driver installation error using the methods below. The method is simple, and you can quickly implement it without any hassle.

If you have any doubt about the methods given here, feel free to contact us.

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