Privacy Policy takes the customer information that is shared seriously and commits to handling the details with protection. If you do not avail of the services and only view our website, the company does not ask for your personal information.
Users will only be asked to share information about themselves if they wish to avail themselves of our services. The information that the user will be asked to share will be basic details to complete the process of providing professional printer assistance.

Here is the information we would require.

  • Name
  • Contact No.
  • Email
This information will be collected at the time of chat and will be passed on to the service team to provide the assistance that you have opted for.
How does the company protect the client’s information and maintain its privacy?
The information is protected as the company used SSL for its website. Therefore, the information that is shared cannot be accessed by any third party individual.
Why do we need access to the user’s personal information?
Basic personal information is needed so that the company will be able to contact the user to extend their services. This information is used at the time of promotions and offers to extend benefits from the company. If further information other than the above is provided it will not be used and will be handled with caution. Protection Status